Summary: #AskGaryVee Episode 262 Ryan Holiday

Ryan Holiday is just full of wisdom and perspective on living life.

Check out the summary of his conversation with James Altucher HERE.



“Too many people want to be the noun without doing the verb.” – Austin Kleon  

Holiday quotes Kleon words to simply illustrate the pandemic of today’s culture: hacking. Everyone is looking for  shortcuts to get to the top without actually doing the work.

See previous summary post on Gary Vee with Altucher about doing meaningful and legendary work.


“The work is always in my control.” – Ryan Holiday.  

Quit worrying about everything and everyone else. Do your work and do it well.

Let your work do the talking because when it matters, the people who didn’t have anything to show for will be exposed as who they really are: fakers.


“Selling isn’t scary. Selling something you don’t believe in is scary.” – G. Vaynerchuk.  

Selling isn’t really about the product as much as it is about the salesman.

The salesmen’s words, actions and thoughts have to be congruent with him/herself in order for the sales to be effective.


“Memento Mori – remember your death.”  

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“You could leave life right now. Let that determine what you do and say and think.” – Marcus Aurelius  

The stoic philosophy endures the test of time and remain relevant even today.

Death is what awaits us at the end of this life. Some get there sooner than others.

Instead of dwelling on the morbidity of such truth, Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius focused on the moment–this moment–and live to the fullest.


The thought of your morality and death… should shadow everything you do because it’s the only way to make sure you do it right.” – R. Holiday. 

Nothing last forever. The momentary stress of trivial matters seem pale in face of death.

No one ever says they wish they worked more or played harder on the death bed.

What matters then? Love the ones your love more. I think that’s it.


“”You’re gonna die” should let you cut out bullshit, decide how you going to treat other people and let yourself be treated and it should determine the quality of your work you’re going to do. – R. Holiday. 


“You are definitely going to die. What are you going to do?” – R. Holiday.   

It’s an incurable disease. It will 100% happen to you and everyone around you.

But you don’t know when.

So what are you going to do about it?



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