Summary: Adam Grant: What’s Next – How to Turn Your Idea into a (Successful) Business – The James Altucher Podcast


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From Altucher’s website: Adam Grant is the youngest tenured (and highest-ranking) professor at The Wharton School, a work and psychology writer for The New York Times, and the New York Times bestselling author of Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success.

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In researching his new book, Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World,Adam met with today’s most successful and innovative entrepreneurs.

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Intuition is pattern recognition. – A. Grant  

Our subconscious possesses untapped power beyond our imagination.

This sixth sense, gut feeling that we all have can be channeled for good.

Grant seems to allude to brain recognizes repeat pattern that we may not be conscious of.

By learning to trust our intuition, we may unleash additional capability.


Generating creativity by questioning the default assumptions you make of the world. – A. Grant (49:49).  

Grant uses the example of the mindset of the founders of AirBnB, whom saw a couch beyond its comfortable cushion. They wondered if it can be rent out for visitors and pursued the answers while continue to question the norm.

Creativity is the lens that innovators see the world.


Instead of “what is this?” Ask yourself, “what could this be?” – A. Grant (50:15).  

Imagination and creativity are muscles that we all used a lot of when we were kids. Then we grew up and became cynical and fearful.

Imagine the possibilities and pursue the extraordinary.


Learn how to focus more by build routines that allow you go into flow. – A. Grant (51:12).  

Being focused for a long duration of time has become a lost art. We are entice by modern distractions constantly.

Even our own racing thoughts has gained a large foothold on the real estate of our attention.

In order to fight the desire to digress, routines and habits channel our automatic response to begin to enter the state of flow.


To be original, you don’t have to be first; you just have to be different and better. – A. Grant (1:02:30).  

Some comes out with original ideas while others iterate on existing ideas and make them better.

Poorly executed ideas can land on a belly flop.



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