Summary: Danielle LaPorte on Becoming Your Own Guru on The Rich Roll Podcast


Danielle LaPorte tells the truth.

She is a bestselling Canadian author, inspirational speaker, entrepreneur, and blogger.

Her latest book, White Hot Truth: Clarity for Keeping It Real on Your Spiritual Path from One Seeker to Another, cheerleads seekers to fully own their wisdom by having a good laugh (and maybe a good cry) at all the ways we’ve been trying to improve on our self-improvement.

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The more I rely on myself for the answers, the fewer people I listen to, the less panic I have in my life… the more capable I am for real reverence. – D. LePorte (20:49).  

Sometimes we rely too much on external affirmation and neglect to tune in to our own voice.

Turn up the dial. Ear to your heartbeat. Pause and listen.

What is making your heart beat?


You have to get lost to be found. – D. LePorte (23:00).  

Getting lost in the metaphoric “wilderness” can lead to many adventures as well as heartaches. As long as we keep moving, not mourning for failures for too long, the next chapter will see better light.


Judgment is nasty, narrow-minded… rooted in fear. – D. LaPorte  

Judgment is a reflection of our insecurity and fear. It has long been used as a defense mechanism we can feel threatened.

Examine your life before passing judgment on another.


Authenticity: overuse, underrated… transparency has become a gimmick. – D. LaPorte (1:14:15).

The era of authenticity has certainly worn out its welcome. Everyone seeks to be authentic online while filtering their photographs and sucking in their bellies. Stop being authentically fake.

The pendulum has swung far enough on the digitized reality that soon it will return to the arts created by hard hands and manual labor.

Ryan Holiday and Gary Vee spoke of it in this episode of #AskGaryVee. Fast forward to 7:30.


Who do you want to impress? – D. LaPorte   

LaPorte posted this question to dig into the question “Why?”

Why are you doing what you’re doing and who are you trying to impress?


Being your true self is the most effective formula for success there is. – D. LaPorte  

When our outward expression matches our inward desire, this congruence can be the foundation of success, however we define it personally.


Developing an appreciation of what is impulsing your behavior and how much of them is rooted in externalities. – R. Roll

Do my contentment and happiness stem from “Likes” and “Follows?”


I am not here to convert anybody… I don’t want to argue why you want to justify your stuckness. It’s up to you. – D. LaPorte  

LaPorte was blunt about her intention here. She shares her narrative to the audience and it’s our choice to heed the words or otherwise.

Persuasion can lead to temporary change of behavior. However, true transformation arises from within.





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