Summary: The James Altucher Show – Ep. 260: Gary Vaynerchuck – Ten Things I Learn From Gary Vaynerchuck

He’s in your face about how hard he works.

He’s unapologetic about proving all of your excuses was just excuses.

He’s is synonymous with the phrase “CRUSH IT.” He even wrote a book with that title.

He is Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO and co-found of VanyerMedia, a business person that transformed the WineLibrary into a $60M in sales and a 4-time New York Times best selling author.



The person who loves what they’re doing is going to beat the person who doesn’t love what they’re doing. – J. Altucher (18:40).  

If you are not enjoying what you’re doing, it won’t last.

As if this needs more explanation, there are many other cliches that do the job: “Do what you love.” “Love what you do.” “Find out what you love and do that.”

In the time of advanced and accessible technology and opportunity, there are no more excuses for doing what you hate or hating what you do.


If you don’t know who you are, it’s over! – G. Vaynerchuk (19:42).  

Gary Vee also said, “Self-awareness over hustle.”

Knowing oneself is the beginning of growth, self improvement, discovery and all the good things in life.

This journey of self-awareness lasts a lifetime. Have yours begun?


Life is actually long… if you really want to accomplish something special, if you want to understand what your legacy is… that will take decades. – G. Vaynerchuk (24:28)  

There are no shortcuts when it comes to something that is meaningful.

Micro patience: I have to be patience with what I am documenting and stay consistent with quality posts as the output of this blog day in and day out.

Macro-patience: The blog will not be an income-generator in one year, two years or even five years and I am OK with that. When it does, I will be grateful. If it never will, the wealth of knowledge that I have acquired will be more much lasting and satisfying.


Nobody has ever built anything meaningful that hasn’t taken an obnoxious amount of time. – G. Vaynerchuk (24:45)  

Our current modern age is about shortcuts and hacks: how to achieve more using less amount of time.

However, Vaynerchuk spoke fondly of the arduous process of making things happen. He focused on what he loves, which is wine, and built up the Wine Library in the late 1990’s, quietly providing quality video content to the masses even today.

His venture in starting Vayner Media was a calculated move to arbitrage attention and capitalize on the future of media in the present.


If you go to your thing and set a fucking flag on your thing… THE WORLD COMES TO YOU! – G. Vaynerchuk (39:54).  

Do what you love and keep doing what you love and the world will jump on your bandwagon. That’s it.



If you do not do the things you love… that’s on you. – G. Vaynerchuk (52:38).  

There’s no more excuses. Gary Vee has mapped out, outlined and detailed step by step process in monetizing the things you are doing.

Search for #AskGaryVee on the world wide web and you will get your answer. I will say that it’ll take some time to sort through hundreds of videos.

That’s that phrase again, “it’ll take time.”


I’m trying to push people to do things because I’m selfish. – G. Vaynerchuk (54:52)  

Gary Vee wants people to get off the couch and start living the lives they have wanted. He (not so) secretly want you to bump into him on the road years from now, telling how his videos has help turned your life around and you are “crushing it!”

Do the 9-to-5 and also the 5-to-9 to realize a dream into a reality.



The celebration is the process – G. Vaynerchuk (1:05:00).  

The result is not bigger than the whole process. The money, the fame, the vanity are pale compares to the blood, the sweat, the tears I shed in the process.





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