Summary: Ryan Holiday on The James Altucher Show – The Essential Question: How To Live A Good Life

To me, Ryan Holiday has lived a larger-than-life journey at the mere age 30. His past and current achievements make me feel like I’ve been a bum my whole life. However, he seems like a down-to-earth, humble person who has continued to share his wisdom and life experience with the world. His passion for writing and reading challenge and inspire my own personal growth. Please check out and buy his books to enrich your life!



The reward for success should not be that you don’t get to do the things you like anymore. – R. Holiday (16:22).  

Holiday spoke of the multitude of business opportunities derived from the success of his writing has often kept him from the thing he enjoys the most: writing. When the very thing that brings you happiness also brought you success, don’t let success distracts you from doing more of what makes you happy.


Self-worth is not net-worth. – J. Altucher (16:37).  

Net-worth cannot buy self-worth. The valuation of self creates utmost worth that a person can possess, which will permeate all areas of life.


You don’t control the world around you; you control how you respond the world around you. – Stoicism (28:00).

Holiday spoke of this quote to introduce the fundamental philosophy of Stoicism. Too many poor souls allow the calamity of the day dictate their thoughts, minds and actions. When we anchor ourselves in truth, in happiness, in wisdom and in grace, we can take whatever the changing world casts at us.


It’s not enough to know that you can say no. You have to create a life that allows you to say no. – J. Altucher (55:53).  

“NO” can be a daunting word for many people. Altucher wrote a book of that. We cannot allow other people’s agenda to hijack our moment, which can turns into days and weeks. We have to transform our lives and willing to trade off temporary pleasure for the longevity of our mental and physical health. Holiday lives his truth by moving out of New York to Texas so he can filter the majority of his business distraction in order to do what brings him happiness. He creates a life that allows him to say no.


What’s the book that only I can write about this topic? – R. Holiday (59:54).  

Holiday shares his starting process on finding what topic to write a book about. He first identify an interesting topic. Then he dives deeper in examining what is unique about his life experience on the topic that can help create a book in its own category. His process sheds light on the call to reflect inward and reach for our personal experiences.


You are a completely unique individual that will never exist again on this planet. Why would you then go make yourself as much like everyone else as possible? R. Holiday (1:04:10).  

Beautifully said by Holiday. Again, this quote solidifies the truth about each person’s unique existence.


Fools learn from experience. I prefer to learn from experience of others. Otto von Bismarck  

Holiday quotes Bismarck in citing the starting point of capitalizing your talent is continual personal growth through reading. Why go out and try to make it when so many people have documented candidly about their failures in books? Leaders are readers!


Go give a shout-out to James Altucher and Ryan Holiday for their insightful conversation that enriches our lives! Check out Ryan’s books



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