Summary: The James Altucher Show – Ep. 254 – Jim Kwik: Train Your Brain to Maximize Memory and Motivation – Part II

This is the Part II of the conversation between Jim Kwik and James Altucher on The James Altucher Show podcast. Let’s get right back into it!

I figure where is the line where I can no longer challenge myself and how can I go a tiny bit pass that line. – J. Altucher (31:19).  

I believe this courage takes self-awareness–I have to know where I can truly no longer challenge myself and not subconsciously cheat myself before I can muster up the courage and move pass that line.


Turn your struggle into your strength… Let your mess become your message. – J. Kwik (36:32).  

This is very a powerful core message in today’s world where our processed highlight reel is broadcast through a polished filter to the world to see 24/7. We lose touch with our vulnerable self and it gets buried and forgotten until we can hardly recognize who we are. However, what Jim says here isn’t just lip service; he lives out his childhood struggles of learning disability and fear of public speaking today. He has taught high-performance people how to increase their learning capacity and preach his message of “No Brain Left Behind” in front of thousand of people.


If you argue for your limitations, you get to keep them. – J. Kwik (38:21).  

When I say “I can’t” “That’s impossible! “There’s no way!” I have recited those limitations to myself and therefore, making them mine. Words are powerful and once I have been spoken, they become my reality.


When I go through struggle, I’m trying to think “what’s the gift in this?” – J. Kwik (54:42).  

Let your struggle define your characters, your stamina and your goals instead of your shortcomings. While wrestling in the mire of downfall, we can become myopic and engrossed in our own pity party, saying “Woe is me!” when sometimes the way out is to go through the storm. It’s a funny way of saying, “Ask for struggles because they make you stronger.”


One step in another direction can completely change your destination. – J. Kwik (1:07:57).  

Both James and Jim shared their stories of how one step has resulted in a different trajectory in the midst of their struggle. An actionable truth: No matter how bad/good the current situation is , the next step can make a difference.


I hope you have found some actionable truths to apply to your life. Please share it with someone to love, encourage them to live out their lives.

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