Summary: Art of Charm – Frank Sesno | The Power of Questions

This episode of Art of Charm dives into the power of questions with Frank Sesno, who is an award-winning journalist with more than 30 years of experience, and the author of Ask More: The Power of Questions to Open Doors, Uncover Solutions, and Spark Changeaccording to the Art of Charm website.

Here are a few gems from the podcast that got me thinking about more questions and answers!


Q&L… I’m gonna ask a question and I’m really gonna listen… I’m gonna use that as a spring board to deeper understanding, a deeper knowledge, a deeper purpose. – F. Sesno (4:52).  

The saying goes that God created us with one mouth and two ears. We should listen more and talk less.


Diagnostic questioning… when something has gone wrong… to identify a problem. – F. Sesno (9:38).  

As stated, diagnostic questions are great for identifying problems by gathering information. The host Jordan expanded on the importance of this type of questioning in all relationships–one can’t solve any conflicts if one doesn’t know there are any.


Strategic questions… when we face major choices or crossroads in our lives… help you look over the horizon… to challenge… conventional wisdom. – F. Sesno (15:29).  

Sesno’s example of Colin Powell, the former US National Security Advisor was fascinating. Powell’s strategic questions facilitated in the success of the First Gulf War in Kuwait while the absence of those questions led to a drawn-out Second Gulf War in Iraq.


Empathetic question… put yourself in someone else’s shoes. What does it feel like? – F. Sesno (30:45)  

I believe empathy is the strongest personal trait. Empathy connects one human to another at the psychological core level. Sesno commented on our endless national discourse on race and class can a very “different conversation” when we exercise empathy.


How are you using questions in your life? What questions are you asking yourself lately? What questions are you afraid to ask about?

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