The Art of Being Human With Neil and Gabby

This is my first time listening to The Truth Barrel by Gabrielle Reece and Neil Strauss. I think I discover it from another podcast that Gabrielle Reece, a retired professional volleyball player, was a guest on. Neil Strauss is an author and contributing editor of The Rolling Stone Magazine.

The setting of the podcast is special: the guest, along with the hosts, are seated in a 220-degree barrel sauna while sweating out truths about life, love, fear and all.

This episode contains plenty of actionable truth nuggets. I’ll introduce a quote with its speaker, the time stamp on the podcast, followed by my short thought. Let’s do it!


People make it so much about them. One of the most freeing thing is that it’s not about you. – N. Strauss (4:15).

What people say or don’t say, do or don’t do, is always about them, not about you. His quote reminds me of the book The Four Agreement by Don Miguel Ruiz. Its Second Agreement reads: Don’t take anything personally–nothing others do is about you. This book is high on my to-read list.


All problems come from the baggage of the past and the projections of the future. – N. Strauss (4:53).

How do we free ourselves from the problems? I suppose we focus on the presence. Perhaps that’s one reason why the practice of mindfulness is so popular and effective.


…No matter how your mom or your dad acts, you have the way to make yourself feel good. – G. Reece (12:15)  

Reece spoke of being a mother, raising her teenage daughter who has a different personality than her. I think this speaks to the source of our happiness is depended on what’s inside of us, rather than outside.


Because drama takes so much time to either fix or maintain. Also, it’s exhausting. So it’s one of my main things is no drama.  – G. Reece (31:40).  

Enough said. I agree 100%.


Head, ears, hands or feet. … do you want me solve the problem with my head, or listen with my ears, or hug with my hands, or just want me to go away with my feet. – N. Strauss (32:38).

This is a great tool for all relationships–communicate what you need from your partner right before you sharing your problems/concerns/issues.


Fear is behind expressed anger… Depression is behind unexpressed anger.  – N. Strauss (43:01)  

Read it again. Read it once more. Fear manifests itself in anger while festering anger masks depression.


… Why don’t you go complete yourself and I will go here and complete myself and we’ll come together? – G. Reece (56:30). … It’s two wholes that form a relationship, not two halves. – N. Strauss (56:37).  

No one will complete you except you. If I continue to seek out some one or some thing to fill my inner void, the search will be endless.


You’ve read it. Go hear it. Now Do it.

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